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About us

What is Adsellerator?

Adsellerator - is an affiliate program with wide range of offers from different types of business areas working both with owned sources and consolidating traffic from our publishers.

Our Benefits

We work with all known payment solutions and we invest in our partners to cooperate efficiently with publishers and advertisers as well.

Our Reputation

Our payouts are in TOP-3 of the market according to high payouts, OUR commissions and dynamic personal rates for selected partners.

Our benefits

  • For partners
  • For advertisers
    • Dynamic personal payouts

    • 24/7 friendly support

    • Individual schedule of payouts with up to daily payments

    • Cooperation with any payments systems

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    • Traffic from owned sources

    • Antifraud solution

    • Advertising materials development

    • Postpayment with comfortable NET period

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Flexible payment model
with up to daily schedule